The Steingraeber concert grand piano is here!

Imagine you come home, want to play the piano and find out, that you don’t eben have a piano! Or you are in your home office, want to play the piano and still not had the repairs you have been planning for years. Imagine the doorbell rings and a piano tuner is there! To the surprised question, who would have called him, you get the answer “You didn’t, but your neighbors! 🙂 To make sure this does not happen to you, we are here to make your home even more comfortable! Whether you need a piano tuning, a service or a repair for your piano – with us you have found a suitable partner. Should you consider buying a new piano; there is currently a matching protective mask available free of charge. As we know – piano playing is contagious!
At the moment there is a Steingraeber grand piano E-272 cm in our showroom. A Steingraeber grand piano C-212 cm is also available. Both instruments are equipped with a Mozart slide and a Sordino pedal. Discover not only the technical features of these instruments on our website, but also the variety of sounds they produce. Listen and play by yourself!
There is a wide range of upright and grand pianos in our showrooms. Go on a journey of discovery and choose the instrument that suits you best. We will be happy to accompany you in your selection and point out special features of the various manufacturers and models.
Have you already seen the absolutely worth seeing documentary “Eine Riesenorgel für den Stephansdom” about the redesign of Austria’s largest instrument? It will be available to interested viewers for a few more days at the ORF TVthek.
As you know, the “inter-generational contract”, i.e. the training of apprentices, the employment of skilled workers under the leadership of master craftsmen, has been our practice for years. Your Klaviermachermeister and team!
PS: Yes we know we already had the story with the tuner, but some still haven’t tuned their piano! 😉