Second-hand pianos

Our second-hand pianos and beginners’ Instruments

Apart from our masterpieces and new instruments, you will also find second−hand instruments suitable for beginners and for private use. Please also consider new Samick pianos for the beginning! The remarkable price-performance ratio will convince you!

So that you don’t go half measures

Instruments are often used that are actually not good enough, even for children. These well−intended gifts often ruin the enjoyment of piano playing!
Our pianos are technically and tonally in the best condition.

If you have general questions about the age and value determination of pianos, please look at the information pages under Piano Age and Value in the area piano knowledge.

We sell second hand pianos from € 2.600,-

Some second-hand instruments are not on our website. Just contact us or drop by and have a look at all pianos in our shop. Our customers often choose our new beginners instruments instead of the second-hand pianos.

Bösendorfer grand piano 190 cm

  • Black polished
  • English mechanics
  • Still unrestored
  • Listen and play for yourself!

Seiler Flügel 186 cm

  • Attractive walnut veneer design
  • Carbon action and underdamping
  • One is undecided whether this instrument fits better on a concert stage or in a beautiful music salon
  • Price on request

Steinway & Sons, Modell M 170 cm

  • Completely restored
  • Discover its special features by yourself!

Bösendorfer 260 cm

  • Year of manufacture 1899
  • Incredible unique piece
  • The grand piano is still before its restoration and is an absolute rarity due to its special box / detent design

Steinway & Sons Pianino

  • From family ownership
  • Beautiful Steinway Pianino sound
  • Classic Steinway Model Z
gebrauchte Klaviere

Calisia Pianino 106 cm

  • Walnut veneer high gloss
  • affordable beginner level instrument

Samick Pianino 106 cm

  • Nut veneer
  • Ideal for beginners!