workshop tour

We are happy to offer a tour of our workshop!

Time and time again, customers come to our store to buy a piano and view our instruments in the showroom, whether they are new or used, or to schedule a tuning appointment. We are happy to offer tours of our practice room and especially our workshop on these occasions. Here begins a voyage of discovery through the many instruments that are in our shop for repair. This quickly makes it clear that deep knowledge is available and implemented by our very well trained staff.
Our piano makers vividly explain the exciting interaction of different materials such as felt, leather, wood and metal in our workshop. On the basis of current repair work, technical peculiarities of piano construction are shown, such as details in the renewal of the hammer heads, the soundpost, the stringing or surface work.

There are fewer and fewer professionals who can perform both polyester paint work and shellac polishing. The varnish as well as the lacquering of a case provides, especially from a musical point of view, not only a flawless appearance but also influences the sound of the instrument.

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