SAMICK Musical Instruments Co. Was founded in Korea in 1958. 1960 SAMICK started the production of pianos. Today SAMICK is one of the biggest upright an grand piano producers in the world. In November 2008 SAMICK took over Seiler and later more than 30% of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. If you want to buy a great piano at a low price, SAMICK is the right brand for you. Beside German hammer felt only best types of wood are used. The unbeatable price−performance ratio speaks for its instruments. A large selection of the Samick pianos below is instantly available. Contact us! We will be glad to advise you! Nevertheless, we recommend that you test the instruments in our workshop before purchase.

Samick Piano JS−121 cm

  • White or black polyester polish
  • Excellent fabrication, not only regarding action and keys
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Sales price € 5.490,−

Samick Piano JS−042, 110 cm

  • Polyester schwarz poliert
  • Basismodell für Einsteiger
  • VP € 3.990,−

Samick Piano JS−115 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Solid, small sized beginner´s piano
  • Sales price € 4.490,−

Samick Piano JS−132 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Rising sound-potential
  • Sales price € 6.390,−

Samick Piano WSU 132 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Noticeable design
  • Tonal almost like a German instrument
  • Sales price € 8.250,−

Samick grand-piano 175 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Beautiful sound volume
  • Sales price € 12.690,−

Samick grand-piano 185 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • First step into the soundscape of Samick grand pianos
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Sales price € 13.990,−