Heinz Letuha Team
Heinz Letuha
Master piano builder
1980 Started training at Bösendorfer. Thereafter worked in production. As well as working in finishing, tuning and intonation he was involved in working on computer-supported instruments.
1991 New area of responsibility in research and development in the Bösendorfer factory in Wiener Neustadt
1993 After the master’s examination he became self-employed.
2001 Founding member of KVO (Piano Builders Association Austria)
2009 examination board for final apprenticeship and master examination piano builders
2010 lecturer in piano construction University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna at the 04 institute for keyboard instruments
2012 launch of the information platform
2013 Court-certified expert for the special field 60.23 musical instruments, objective limitation: stringed keyboard instruments (pianos, harpsichords, celesta and historical keyboard instruments)
2014 regional guild master of manufacturing of musical instruments Vienna
2016 Vice president of the KVO (Piano builder Association Austria). The KVO is a member of Europiano.
Martin Müller Team
Martin Müller
Master piano builder
1982 started his apprenticeship at Bösendorfer. After his final apprenticeship examination primarily working as concert technician at Bösendorfer. I.a working abroad for well-known artists and music colleges as well as working in the department for computer pianos.
1993 Self-employment
1998 Successfully completed the master's examination
2001 Founding member of KVO (Piano Builders Association Austria)
2012 launch of the information platform
Georg Glaser Team
Georg Glaser
Piano maker
2005-2010 Student of Prof. Karl Steininger, preparation course for trumpet at the Conservatory of Vienna
2006 Started apprenticeship at die klaviermachermeister
2009 Final apprenticeship examination with distinction
2011 Specialist for surfaces (shellac, polyester)
2012 Responsible for workshop organisation and Renner material Konzerttechnikerausbildung bei Steingraeber & Söhne Fachmann für Stummschaltungen
Jacob Kastenhuber Team
Jacob Kastenhuber
Piano builder
2014 School leaving examination at the BORG Kirchdorf a. d. Krems
Longterm piano education at Martin Gasselsberger
2015 Started apprenticeship at die klaviermachermeister
Daniela Kalman Team
Daniela Kalman
Piano builder apprentice
2014 School leaving examination at the BORG Dreierschützengasse in Graz
Longterm violin education with orchestral experience
2017 Started apprenticeship at die klaviermachermeister
Sabrina Pazman Team
Sabrina Pazman
2019 Graduated at HTL Spengergasse with the focus on Multimedia Design and Animation
2020 Working at die klaviermachermeister as a personal and media assistance as well as designer of the website and our advertising videos
Betti Nelamischkies Team
Betti Nelamischkies
Piano maker
2010 Secondary school leaving examination at Kaiser – Friedrich – Ufer Gymnasium in Hamburg
2013 Apprenticeship at Steinway
2017 Had worked at Pianohaus Hamann for one year
2018 Started at die klaviermachermeister
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