We offer the best possible piano-tuning for private clients as well as for concerts, CD-recordings, radio productions etc. The quality of a piano tuner shows when you look at the institutions he is welcome in. To get a good piano tuner you have to practice for years. Only a piano maker or a master piano builder is able to assess repairs and service work in the course of tuning.

Our tuning skills are in demand and welcome among private clients with beginner pianos as well as institutions like the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna, the Vienna City Hall, the Schönberg Center and many music schools in and around Vienna. Prices for piano tuning: € 168,− incl. VAT and approach in Vienna € 180,− incl. VAT and approach surrounding Vienna We also come to the outlying districts of Lower Austria and Burgenland to tune your piano. In this districts we try to limit the costs through tuning more than one piano, so that the price for the approach remains within a reasonable level. Contact us for personal advice.

Klavierstimmer beim Stimmen eines Klaviers

Darüberhinaus überprüfen Sie, ob der Klavierstimmer Ihrer Wahl, auch einen Gewerbeschein besitzt, dass heißt, ob er bei einer der Landesinnungen sein Gewerbe angemeldet hat. 

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