We tune pianos to the highest standards. Our piano tuners are in use for private customers as well as in the concert business, for CD recordings, radio production and the like.
The quality of a piano tuner, and thus the quality of the piano tuning, is reflected in the houses in which he is readily seen. It takes years of practice to become a good piano tuner. Only a piano tuner or master piano tuner can expertly assess repairs and service work in the course of a piano tuning.

Our vocal skills have been in demand and appreciated for years by private customers with entry-level pianos as well as by institutions such as the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the Vienna City Hall, the Schönberg Center and by many music schools in and around Vienna.

Price for a piano tuning:
€ 180,− incl. VAT and approach in Vienna
€ 192,− incl. VAT and approach surrounding Vienna

We are also on the road for our customers in the outlying districts of Lower Austria and in Burgenland, but here we try to combine several tunings to keep the travel price within an affordable range. Please contact us in time for an appointment.

For personal consultation we are at your disposal (Tel. +43 1 522 83 20).
Of course you can also visit us in our showroom at Burggasse 27!

Klavierstimmer beim Stimmen eines Klaviers

In addition, check whether the piano tuner of your choice also has a trade license, i.e. whether he has registered his trade with one of the regional guilds.