Historical keyboard instruments

We have decades of experience in the fields of service, repair and sale of pianos. For a few years now, we have also been turning our attention to the field of historical keyboard instruments and would like to give you a small insight into what interesting pieces are in our showroom. Up to this point, we have only followed the discourse between restorers and repairing piano makers with interest. Through the new professorship at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts, we will also deal with these instruments. We have a large network in the field of historical keyboard instruments. Through years of experience in the assessment of older instruments, we are also a suitable partner for you. In addition, we are also in contact with renowned museums and musical instrument collections, in order to stay here as well on the cutting edge of research. Please contact us when you are searching for a historical individual piece.

Fortepiano A. Walter ca. 1792

  • Replica of Paul McNulty
  • Range FF – g3
  • Walnut-Furnier
  • How Mozart sounded

Pleyel grand piano 160 cm

  • Black polished
  • English mechanics
  • Year of manufacture approx. 1900
J.B. Streicher

Wittmayer harpsichord

  •  an instrument with a history to be discovered in our showroom

Schönleber Keppler & Cie square piano

  • Second half of the 19th century
  • Have a look at the square piano in our showroom!
Wittmayer Cembalo

Wittmayer Cembalo

  • Come and visit us before you make unpleasant experiences when buying on the Internet.

Neupert harpsichord Vivaldi 204 cm

  • double manual harpsichord
  • oak satinied, 6 conical legs
  • length 204 cm, width 100 cm
  • compass of keyboard: A1-f3 (= 4 2/3 octaves)
  • lower manual: 81‘, 16′, lute to 16’
  • upper manual: 82‘, 4’, lute to 82
  • manual coupler. hand stops
Neupert Cembalo