Technical Information

  1. Types of piano actions
  2. Grand piano views

We plan to publish our own and external reports regarding many technical topics on this page. For those who are interested in technical aspects, we plan to go into quite some depth, e.g. the exact clarification of intonation, valuable information in regards to tuning and also scientific and research reports relevant to distributors and our profession in general.
These contributions will present a platform for qualitative information regarding piano construction, in order to offer customers and interested individuals an orientation within the tangle of information and to enable them to distinguish between high class and low-grade piano work.

1. Types of piano actions

English Action

Upright Piano Action

Half-English Action

Viennese−Style Action

2. Grand piano views

Steingraeber C−212 plan view

Steingraeber C−212 underside

Steingraeber C−212 photomontage