Apprenticeship training

We have been training apprentices in our company for over 27 years. All activities related to the profession of piano maker, such as soundboard and bridge repairs, as well as surface work, tonal work (tuning and voicing) and mechanics are taught. Due to the large number of repairs, we are able to offer a particularly comprehensive apprenticeship training as a piano maker.

Prerequisites for the apprenticeship are interest in the instrument, patience, perseverance as well as attention to detail. The profession of piano maker is very versatile and requires, on the one hand, manual dexterity for working with the various materials, and on the other hand, a cultivated appearance for field service during tunings and as a concert technician. Particularly in the field, dealing with cultural workers, musicians, music educators, etc. is also part of the job description.

We currently have one apprentice in training. Here more about the team.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, we would be happy if you contact us!