Piano benches

Standard piano stools made of wood

From the bolted starter model to the bonded quality model we carry piano stools in different colors and with different covers. Other models and versions on request. Sales price starting at € 168,−

Andexinger piano stool LIFT−O−MATIK

The professional metal piano bench of Andexinger company features hydraulic continuous adjustment of height, a large seat and maximum stability. Sales price € 384,−

Other accessories


If you have problems lifting and lowering your piano lid, we recommend using a lid lifting support. The Easylift hydraulic system allows effortless opening and closing of the piano lid and is therefore the perfect accessory! Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and install the Easylift system in your grand piano.


Silent Systems

We have expert knowledge with the installation of silent systems in upright and grand pianos. This experience shows us, that the installation is not always possible. The installation on upright pianos from a height of 110 or 115 cm is almost always possible. Please contact us for personal advice. For further details about installing silent systems please visit the page “Silent Systems”.


Piano Lamps

We carry lamps for upright and grand pianos from Jahn company in different designs and surface styles. Piano lamps feature an aggrieved base and a light angle which is adjustable to the music rest. Sales price starting at € 225,−


Piano casters and technique

In daily use standard piano casters sometimes are not effectual. The piano leg or the floor can be damaged. In this case the expert knows solutions for grand and upright pianos for stage and for private use. In matters of safety, we carry keyboard lid brakes, additional locks and transport handles. The use respectively the modification of these utilities is only possible with professional advice.

Caster cups

We recommend caster cups to preserve the floor and caster cups with iso-floor to reduce the sound transmission to the floor. We carry different caster cups out of glass and plastic. Sales price starting at € 3,−


The atmospheric environment is also important for your piano. Rapid differences in temperature should be avoided and the humidity should be checked periodically. For pianos we recommend humidity between 40 and 45 %.

Dampp Chaser

In the piano integrated equipment for humidification and dehumidification of the air directly near the piano. For our superior customers.