Transport & storage

Transport & storage

For piano transports we recommend the company Hostalek, which has been our reliable partner for years. Not only for crane transports, state transports or special requirements but also for narrow places and special constructional conditions we recommend our specialized company. No matter whether it is a small school pianino or a large concert grand piano, damage caused by apparently cheaper transports is more than unpleasant. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of storing pianos with us for shorter or longer periods of time (invoicing monthly). When moving house, the question often arises as to whether repairs, service or cleaning would not be necessary. In this case we offer a stopover in our workshop for a small extra charge. We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of transporting your instrument, in order to be able to meet any special requirements that may arise.

Of course you can also visit us in our showroom at Burggasse 27 or pick up the phone and dial our number (+43 1 522 83 20)!
If you are interested, we also offer workshop tours to give you an insight into our world.

Hostalek Klaviere KG

Franz-Martin-Straße 39
A-5020 Salzburg
Phone: +43-662-439314

Mictrans Klavierxpress

Michael Klemm
Jedlerseer Straße 3/1/5
A-1210 Wien
Phone: +43-699/11-60-60-50