Music schools

As you can see from our references, we are the partner of many music schools. This includes not only tuning and service, but also the qualitative assessment of the right place of use and also possible new acquisitions. All this technical and financial support as well as information will help you to use your budget in the best possible way in the long term.

Contact us, let us advise you and build on our experience!

Music schools Vienna (

Amadeus International School Vienna (

Music school Baden (

Music school Bisamberg − Leobendorf − Enzersfeld (

Music school Gänserndorf (

Music school Krems (

Music school Perchtoldsdorf (

Music school Strasshof (

Music school Lilienfeld (

J.G. Albrechtsberger music school Klosterneuburg (

Music school Deutsch-Wagram (

Music school Region Wagram (

Music school Orth an der Donau (

Music school Weikendorf (

Music school Lienzer Talboden (

Music school Spital/Drau – Baldramsdorf (