Newsletter November 2018

Newsletter: New website for the 25th anniversary

New Website!

Since a few days our new website is online. Due to the technical progress of the past years – smartphones, tablets and Co – we have adapted our website to the modern standard and said goodbye to our already 10 years old website. With Ruth Slavicky and Tanja Letuha we were able to attract a young and dynamic team, which has implemented both the technology and the design wonderfully.

New employees and our 25th anniversary

Our team is not only getting younger, but fortunately also more and more female, which is still not a matter of course in technical professions. More about this on our website under Team. We would like to invite you not only to visit our website, but also our shop, our workshop and our practice room. Our 25 years of business activity do not keep us from offering you interesting specialties from the world of keys.

Lachnit Masterkeyboard from Vienna

Are you interested in an Austrian Masterkeyboard? With the Lachnit Masterkeyboard MK23, you have the possibility to play and buy one in our shop. Enthusiasts are the products of Mr. Lachnit certainly a term.

Replica of a fortepiano

Not only Mozart enjoyed playing on instruments made by the piano maker Anton Walter. Thanks to Paul McNulty, you too will have the opportunity to follow in Mozart’s footsteps and, starting next week, to discover the sounds of times past in our shop (A. Walter Fortepiano, ca. 1792).

apprenticeship, skilled workers and master craftsmen

Attentive readers of our mailings and friends of the house are aware of our efforts regarding education, qualification and teaching. In recent weeks there have been repeated occasions of joy with regard to these topics. Worth mentioning is the intensive application of the apprenticeship, especially the apprenticeship after the Matura, in various media. At the moment we have two former Matura students in training: Daniela Kalman and Jacob Kastenhuber. Looking over the shoulders of young skilled workers as they practise their trade at EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest was an exciting experience. These young participants are probably the best advertisement for the apprenticeship training path. The dual training is the basis for the repeated shower of medals for Austrians at these competitions. Anyone wishing to attend a professional competition such as this will have the opportunity to do so in Kazan/Russia in 2019 or in Graz in 2020. Last but not least, the equalisation of Bachelor and Master in the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) by the Austrian Parliament should be mentioned. This equality makes the apprenticeship training path even more important.
P.S. on Sunday the 4th of November the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne in Bayreuth opens its doors and gives visitors an insight into the art of piano manufacturing.