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Kurt Kramer:

Kurt Kramer

Kurt Kramer
Born 1945 in Freiland (Lower Austria), living and working in Vienna. Study at the technical school for graphic art in Vienna. 1975 - 1977 intensive study of oriental culture, extensive travels in Iran and Turkey, 1994 Latin America (prae-columb. and Inka cultures in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador), Brazil. Since 1969 free-lance artist; painter of facades and mural paintings, sceneries (p.e. stage backdrop original West-Side-Story of Broadway Touring South America, Israel, Europe), metal and acrylic objects, designs. Member of P.E.N. and "morgen-Kreis". First personal exhibition 1963 in Vienna, Gall.J.G. That time more than 150 exhibitions, for instance: Paris, London, Basel, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Salamanca, Ankara, New York, Chicago, Teheran, Tokyo Works in possession of Austrian and international museums and private collections.

Most of his works have the roots in his strong relation to the language. He is taking the words "literally" as a simile of picture and antithesis in one; the language is the real source of his artistical works. Above all his large cycles of "TC-tes" (heads) and "Spuren" (traces) should be mentioned. During the last years music has become an important subject in his work, highlights like pictures about the composers "Mozart" and "Schubert" achieved international appreciation. The artist Kurt Kramer found a special and unmistakable style of his paintings and sculptures in this genre.
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