We’re back!

This should actually contain information about the Frankfurt Music Fair, the European Days of Arts and Crafts and much more. But events, meetings and gatherings of several people are unfortunately not possible for all of us at the moment. But now the good news, from Tuesday the 14.04. we can open our showrooms for customers again! If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to visit our shop, please make an appointment in advance. Of course we are also available by phone or e-mail.
A small foretaste for you is offered by our new video, in which we present some special features. The current highlight is the Steingraeber grand piano model C-212 with its special equipment. The instrument shown in the video is equipped with damping in keyboard colour and the Mozart slide. The model C-212 which has just arrived from Bayreuth is also equipped with the Sordino-Sostenuto lever. This switch allows to switch between “sustain pedal and moderator function”.
We are currently seeing how different professional groups are coming to the fore. It is also great for us to observe how a new appreciation of many activities and skills is taking place here by Austrians. As we have often mentioned in our mailings, the concepts of shopping locally or regionally and buying products and services from local retailers are becoming even more important. We employ apprentices and skilled workers trained by us. Our skills and knowledge are thus passed on in a “generation contract”. Photos and a further video concerning the Steingraeber specialities can be found here.