News from the Burggasse!

Before heading for summer vacation, we would like to pass on some current information to all those interested in pianos. As many may know, we have a large number of Steingraeber instruments, Seiler, Johannes Seiler and Samick pianos available. Some of these pianos and grand pianos could also be used for concerts or as permanent rental instruments. In addition, Bösendorfer grand pianos, starting from 190 cm up to a 290 cm Mod. Imperial, are available for sale at our Burggasse store. In addition to these masterpieces, we also have second-hand upright and grand pianos from a wide variety of manufacturers.

New piano in old case

It sometimes happens that pianos with beautiful cases are inherited or purchased. During a subsequent appraisal or a tuning appointment, it often turns out that the substance of the instrument no longer allows tuning or meaningful playing. In this case we have the possibility to put new into old with a new interior (soundboard, detents, action and keyboard). If you own such an instrument and are affected by this issue, we will be happy to advise you.

Appraisal – Inspection – Repair information

We experience time and again with customers that partial repairs have been carried out on instruments and that essential weaknesses of the instrument have not been pointed out. Thus, it can happen that although some improvements were made during a repair, the instrument as a whole still does not sound right or play properly. We recommend having an inspection / appraisal done to get a better estimate of the condition of your instrument. Only a master craftsman with many years of professional experience can detect hard-to-see defects or damage.

Bösendorfer grand piano Modell 290 cm Imperial 

This concert grand piano from 2018, is in mint condition and equipped with a Damp Chaser system to match the size. Listen and play for yourself.

Steingraeber Concert grand piano

Almost the entire model range of Steingraeber instruments is available to you in our store. Listen and play for yourself, preferably by appointment. You are welcome to try out the interesting special features such as the magnetic action on the upright and the Sordino pedal as well as the Mozart slide on the grand piano!

Best bidder versus lowest bidder

The fact that it is no longer a matter of course to find very good service technicians and tuners everywhere is noticeable not only to pianists, music schools and universities, but also to many hobby players. When choosing a service partner, it is up to each client to decide whether he will find sufficient specialists in the future. Not every company offers the path from apprenticeship to skilled worker to concert technician (unfortunately, only a few companies invest in the training of young up-and-coming specialists).

New employees

Contrary to the general trend, we were fortunately able to expand our team with a new skilled worker and a new apprentice lady. We are pleased that our business is growing and that we can therefore offer even more capacity for our customers. It is also great that we now have a 50 percent female quota. All employees are under 35 years old and full time. We and our team are at your disposal and remain with kind regard, Martin Müller, Heinz Letuha and team