Merry Christmas 🎄

This year has been very challenging for many people in different ways. Due to the countless cancelled concerts and tours as well as the limited possibility to gather, the music and cultural scene as well as all the brownfields related to it have been hit very hard. Here it becomes clear how important it is to buy regionally and thereby support local businesses to get through these difficult times better.

Over 200 years of piano history lie between these two wonderful instruments. On the left, a modernly equipped concert grand piano by Steingraeber, and on the right, the magnificent McNulty, modeled after the Walter grand piano circa 1793. Both instruments represent top quality finishes from these two piano manufacturers. There is much that distinguishes a historical piano from a modern piano. But these two special instruments, besides the basic idea of a hammer head striking the strings, share two very special details: the key depth and the Sordino pedal. In order to get closer to the playing style of the time over 200 years ago, the key depth of the Steingraeber grand piano can be lowered. A unique sound experience!
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays
Your master piano makers
Martin Müller, Heinz Letuha and team!