Position description – Institutions, positions and activities

Position description – Regional guild master of Vienna

The regional guild master of the devision manufacturing of musical instruments of Vienna represents currently about 108 companies. Although the amount of companies does not seem to be very large the devision of manufacturers of musical instruments includes a huge variety of different companies &minus from the wind instrument manufacturers, the piano builders and piano tuners to the organ builders, percussion instrument builders and stringed instruments builders. The area of responsibility of the guild master includes all inquiries of the entrepreneurs and their clients to the guild but also external topics which are of concern for the division manufacturing of musical instruments like protection of species, expert witness requests, consumer law as well as examination for the master’s certificate and qualification certificates. https://www.wienerinstrumentenbau.at/kontakt/

Position description – Court experts

The activity oft he court expert includes, like the name already says, the objective technical support of outstanding litigation issues. Moreover the evaluation of estates and insurance questions (claims), where the objective value of the instruments or repair services has to be determined. Therefore the court expert does not only need longstanding professional experience but also a courts experts training with concluding examination.

Piano construction lessons at the university

Piano construction lessons are held for students of the concert department piano as a compulsory subject. Furthermore the lessons are open for all piano students of other departments. Unfortunately the subject is not part of the piano pedagogics studies. A substantial content of the lessions is besides the historiy of the piano the introduction of technical and construction details to the students. Details of the areas of service and tuning are given as far as they are of interest for the pianist/piano player. At the end oft he education the students are expected to know the difference between a good and a poor piano and to differentiate between a good and a poor service of a piano technician. Besides the technical vocabulary students learn about technical product innovations of piano manufactureres. Through workshop and museum visits the education is very practice oriented. https://www.mdw.ac.at/inst4/?PageId=4155

Piano builders association Austria (KVO)

In Austria we do have the advantage that the apprenticeship examination and the master examination are objective quality certificates fort he education. In most European countries there are no comparable education and examination systems. In these countries very often arise professional associations that originate quality and education opportunities. The KVO supports all efforts to stimulate to make music, especially to play the piano and related music instruments. Moreover the KVO supports scientific research in the field of these musical instruments. The goal oft he association is to support its members in the fields of practical experience and technical kowledge. The KVO wants to strengthen the awareness of the profession and to stimulate and support international cooperations and international cooperations.

Final apprenticeship examination and master examination comission

To sustain the professions quality standards we do not only need companies that take on trainees but also vocational schools − better known as “dual educational system”. The examination comission consists of master piano builders who have longstanding professional experience and appropriate social skills.
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