Silent systems

We have many years of experience in installing a muting system in upright and grand pianos. Especially for night playing or frequent players this is a great relief. The sensual experience of an acoustic instrument cannot be replaced by an electronic piano. The great advantage of mutes is the possibility to always play on the familiar action.

The installation of mutes does not affect the sound of the instrument. The influence on the playing style is hardly noticeable on upright pianos. With grand pianos, the installation not only depends on the model, but the technical implementation is also somewhat more complex.

We see the great advantage in first choosing a suitable piano and then installing a mute system. A Silent System is the ideal complement for an acoustic piano and for individualists who also want to play at night – especially if the children should not be woken up! Let us advise you in our showroom or call us at Tel. +43 1 522 83 20.

We use the Silent Systems of the company Excellent Piano Installs.
In any case, you should make sure that such a system is only installed by trained specialists. A few tenths of a millimetre inaccuracy during installation is enough to call into question the function of the system and the piano action.