Great importance is attached to the use of only top quality materials and a high standard of workmanship. This begins with the manufacture of the backpost, during which finger-jointed solid spruce and Delignit are used to form the backpost with glue-mounted Delignit pin block. After all, it is the backpost with bearing that forms the basis for the exact conditions of camber and tension in the soundboard. And the secret of that unmistakable, transparent SEILER sound is to be found here, in SEILER’s patented membrator soundboard. This is why only narrow-ringed, mountain spruce is used — selected by experienced wood experts and subjected to a special drying process.

And even if these technical details are scarcely visible to SEILER customers across the globe, they are nevertheless audible. A single note is all that is required and it’s «love at first sound».

Here are some pictures from visting the manufractur in May of 2015:

Johannes Seiler 126 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound for beginners
  • SP € 6.890,−

Johannes Seiler 118 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Entry to the world of Seiler instruments
  • SP € 5.890,−

Johannes Seiler 122 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Beautiful sound for beginners
  • SP € 6.280,−

Johannes Seiler Traditio

  • Black polyester polish
  • Attractive sound at a still reasonable price
  • Test the great price-performance ratio
  • 160 cm: VP € 13.480,−
  • 175 cm: VP € 14.980,−
  • 186 cm: VP € 16.480,−

Seiler Primus 116 cm, 122 cm and 126 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • High-level manufacturing quality
  • Beginners piano for higher demands
  • Beautiful sound

Seiler 132 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Great sound volume
  • Accustomed high Seiler quality
  • Compare it with our other pianos

Seiler 186 cm, 208 cm, 242 cm and 278 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Beginners piano for higher demands
  • Beautiful sound
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