Experience and inventiveness as well as craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation are still the indispensable cornerstones of the success of SEILER grand and upright pianos. Despite the most modern technology, there is no substitute for the dexterity and detailed piano-making skills of its piano builders. Far more than 100 work steps are required to assemble the precisely manufactured individual parts into a “genuine SEILER”. This great effort is necessary to ensure the durability and optimal playing culture of this pianos and grand pianos even after decades of use.

And even if these technical details are scarcely visible to SEILER customers across the globe, they are nevertheless audible. A single note is all that is required and it’s “love at first sound”.

If the photos are not enough for you, just visit us in our showroom at Burggasse 27!

Here are some pictures from visting the manufractur in May of 2015:

Seiler Flügel 186 cm

  • Attractive walnut veneer design
  • Carbon mechanics and under damping
  • It is not clear whether this instrument fits better on a concert stage or in a beautiful music salon

Seiler 126 cm Ziricote

  • Polyester black polished and Ziricote veneer design
  • Special model – See, hear and play yourself 
  • SP € 19.800,−
Johannes Seiler 132

Johannes Seiler 132 cm

  • Polyester black polished
  • Beautiful sound – the largest instrument in this model series
  • SP € 7.380,−

Johannes Seiler 126 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound for advanced
  • SP € 6.890,−
Johannes Seiler 126 cm

Johannes Seiler 122 cm

  • Black/white polyester polish
  • Nice sound
  • SP € 6.280,−

Johannes Seiler 118 cm

  • Black/white/nut polyester polish
  • Access to the world of Seiler instruments
  • SP € 5.890,−

Johannes Seiler Traditio

  • Polyester black polished
  • Attractive sound at a reasonable price
  • Test the great price-performance ratio
  • 160 cm: SP € 13.980,−
  • 175 cm: SP € 15.480,−
  • 186 cm: SP € 16.980,−

Seiler model 122 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound
  • Made in Germany
  • With Silent System
Johannes Seiler
Seiler Primus 116

Seiler modell 116 cm, and 126 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound
  • Made in Germany

Seiler 132 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Great sound volume
  • Accustomed high Seiler quality
  • Compare it with our other pianos
Seiler 132
Seiler Flügel 208

Seiler model 208 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound

Seiler model 186 cm, 242 cm und 278 cm

  • Black polyester polish
  • Nice sound
Seiler 186