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Ruth Liebscher:

Ruth Liebscher

Ruth Liebscher
The diversified repertoire of the singer Ruth Liebscher (soprano) contains the big oratories and masses from the baroque to modernity. Since 1995 she gives concerts in all large concert halls in Germany (Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall, Hamburg Music Hall, Dresden´ s Kreuzkirche, Beethoven-Hall Bonn and Old Opera Frankfurt), at famous music festivals (Rheingau Music-Festival, Mozart Festival Würzburg), as well as international (Kiev, Lviv, Krakow and Wroclaw) with famous orchestras and conductors. With the chamber orchestra castle Werneck and the Bavarian broadcasting station she made numerous deput recordings for the CD “Italian baroque music in Frankonia”, which were recognized of the international specialised press.

The pianist Jürgen Plich “discovered” Ruth Liebscher at a performance of St. John´ s passion of Bach. Because of her great charisma and stage presence he sensed that she would also be an ideal song interpreter and encouraged her to cooperation. Already when they rehearsed together for the first time, the singer and the pianist saw,
that they make music together in an extraordinary artistic agreement, which is
documented on the in 2009 released CD “Winter Journey”.